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Lifestyle Family Sessions, Portrait Sessions & Engagement Sessions begin at $400. 

Event Coverage begins at $400 per hour

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My style is non-intrusive and is based on facilitating natural posing and cultivating moments that are unique to each couple.

 My style is romantic, fun, laid back and has a Fine Art Feel.  

I like to find out what you like and build every shoot off of that.  Do you and your significant other like to picnic? Lets plan a shoot around that! Do you like to grab a beer? That works too, friends.  I don’t like “stuffy” images or ones that are too “posed.”  While I feel that Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for finding out what kind of images you love, I am a big fan of creating our own “pin-worthy,” genuine imagery together instead of merely copying work off of the internet. 


Love, most of all.  

I think that love is the most powerful emotion on earth.  I believe in the kind of love that stands the test of time, that keeps a spark long after the wedding day and grows with people as life speeds on.  

I believe in imagery that captures tremendous love in tiny moments & marriages that are even more beautiful than your wedding day will be.  

I also believe in Jesus above, lots of coffee, a nice brew (or two), a good podcast & a nice long bath (with the door locked because, kids). 



I believe in family sessions that are more like real life than a posed khaki-clad picture (though I will be sure to get some more “formal” shots of your family too).  

I begin my sessions un-rushed and with pleasant “hello’s.”  I have 3 boys and I am 100% used to little people and even parents not loving the idea of being in front of a camera.  How do we start? We play. We find “treasure” in sand if we are on the beach. We run, we hug and we laugh.  

I want my family sessions to feel more like play or a fun family walk than like a formal photo session.  I am also a big fan of activities. Does your family like to fish together? Lets get out the poles and try to catch the big one. Do you like to read books?  Snuggle up on your couch and let me capture your real life moments that you know you’ll miss one day. 

I want to capture moments you’ll ache to have back; so when your toddlers are adults, you’ll be able to stare at their cherub faces in a perfectly timed photograph and it will take you back to that place.  To me….. thats pure gold.