Our Philosophy

The name “Common Dove” was inspired by my sweet Grandmother and the actual bird, the common ground dove.

For the last 13 years of my Grandmother’s life she lived in our home.

She spent most of her time in a dusty pink chair wearing simple shoes and clothes she made herself. During the last few years of her life, as her mind slipped away before her body did, she would watch the birds out the window. Every time I rushed by her, busy with my to-do list and eager to begin it, she would ask me to come over to the window and look at the birds. “Come here, kid,” she would say, “look at these birds…..the common ground dove….”

More often than not I rushed these moments to hear her, these moments to study her face and listen to her wisdom.

These moments will stay with me forever.

I wish that I sat with her longer.

I wish that I soaked her goodness in.

I wish that I told her just how much her presence and love meant to me every chance I got.

These moments turned into my “Common Dove” moments.
The ones I will cherish for all of my days….the ones I wish I recorded more of.


To be there during your “common dove” moments and capture them for you so you can be present in them.

I want you to put down your phone and hang up your to-do list for a while.
Hug your loved ones.
Kiss your new wife.
Study the way your husband holds your hand and touches your face.

Dance off into your forever or love on your family and know that I have my eye to the shutter and I will capture it all,
with love, for you.